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WBA League Regulations 2013 – 2014 Season

Rule 1 – Administration

  1. The League is administered by the Warwickshire Basketball Association (hereinafter referred to as the WBA) League Sub-committee.
  2. Any protests, complaints and appeals against decisions by the League Sub-committee shall be dealt with by the WBA Appeals Committee.
  3. In the event that the outcome of the protest or complaint is not accepted, further reference may be made to the West Midlands Regional Management Committee

Rule 2 – League Fees

  1. The League Sub-committee will decide league fees by 31 March each year for the following season.  (For season 2013-2014 the fee is £90.)
  2. All league fees must be paid by or at the AGM and a league application form submitted at the same time, unless otherwise directed by the Executive Committee. Failure to do as instructed will incur a late payment charge of £10.
  3. The final date for acceptance into the League will be 15 August.  The committee reserve the right to refuse any club participation in the League.
  4. Any team incurring more than £30 in fines in any one season may be required to pay a £30 guarantee for the following season, which may be returned at the end of the season minus any outstanding fines and expenses.

Rule 3 – Competition Format

  1. The League Sub-committee will decide the size and composition of divisions.
  2. Each team will play 2 games against every other team in its division on a home and away basis, unless otherwise decided by the League Sub-committee.
  3. 2pts shall be awarded for a win, 1pt for a loss and 0pts for a default.
  4. The team with the most points in Division One will be the League Champion.
  5. The two teams with the most points in each lower division shall be promoted and the two teams with the least points in each division (other than the lowest) shall be relegated, unless otherwise decided by the League Sub-committee.
  6. In the event of a tie between two or more teams for the championship, promotion or relegation, the results of the games between only those two teams will determine positions in the first instance, and if there is still a tie positions will be determined by overall points’ difference.
  7. In the event of a team withdrawing or not completing 75% of its fixtures, then the record of that team will be deleted from the league tables.
  8. The league programme will normally be played between the final full week of September and the end of April the following year.
  9. All games shall be played according to current EB rules, with the exception that the half-time interval will be 5 minutes unless otherwise agreed by both teams and the match officials.

Rule 4 – Club, Player and Coach Registrations

  1. National: All players, coaches and officials must be registered with England Basketball.  Registration must be completed before taking part in a game.  Registration is complete on receipt of both registration & fee by the Area Registrations Secretary.  Any team playing a player not registered with England Basketball will be fined £20 and will lose the game by forfeit.
  2. League: Before a player or coach participates in any game, he/she must be registered for their team with the Registrations Secretary. and a team list must be submitted to the League Secretary. Further players may be added to the list as they register. Any club playing a player who is not on this list will be fined unless express permission has been granted by the League Secretary in writing. For clubs with more than one team, at least 8 players must be nominated for the higher team at the start of the season.  [See also rules 5(b) and 5(c).]
  3. Players registered after 31 January of each season will not be permitted to play in League or Cup matches.
  4. Senior BBL/EBL players:
  5. Players not licensed through WBA cannot play until the League Secretary has received their licence number and Area of original registration in writing. No new players will be accepted into the league after 31 January of each season.
  6. All player and coach registration numbers must be inscribed on the scoresheet at the start of every game; failure to do so will incur a fine of £5 per game.
  7. A junior team is defined as one with a maximum of 3 senior members registered to play.
  8. Should any dispute between club member or affiliate and club not be resolved either during or at the end of any season, those persons in dispute will not be allowed to register for any other club until such matter is resolved, and the matter will be lodged with England Basketball

* Are restricted to 2 per team per game in Division One and one per team per game in other divisions, except for players who have played at least two previous seasons with their present club in the Warwickshire League. Clubs participating in Division Two or lower may apply for dispensation to play a second national league player if that player is NOT registered with a BBL or EBL Division One team
* Must be registered by 31 October of each season, and must play in at least 3 league games by 31 December or their league registration will be cancelled
* Only British passport holders or non-British passport holders with the written approval of the League Secretary are permitted to play in League or Cup games. (NB: There are no restrictions on EBL junior or cadet players.)


Rule 5 – Player Transfers

  1. If a player wishes to change clubs during the season, a request to transfer must be submitted in writing to the League Secretary for approval by the Committee and copied to the club holding the player’s registration [NB: a club cannot prevent the transfer of an amateur player].  The transfer will not become effective until the League Secretary has confirmed it in writing, and under no circumstances should the player play for the new club until this has taken place. Transfer of players within a club with two or more teams will normally only be permitted from a lower to a higher division team.  After 2 games for the higher division team, the player cannot play again for the lower division team in that season without the approval of the committee and written confirmation from the League Secretary.
  2. Under no circumstances will any of the 8 players nominated as per Rule 4(b) be allowed to transfer to or play for the lower division team(s) in that season.
  3. No player will be allowed to change between teams from the same club within the same division, except as per regulations 5(e) and 5(f).
  4. Junior and cadet players (as defined by EB rules) can play for all teams within a club without restriction.
  5. Players aged 40 or over can play for any team within a club, providing they have not competed in more than three games for the team in the higher division during the season. Should the occasion arise where a team requires the services of a player who falls outside these criteria, they should apply to the League Secretary in writing for permission and this, when issued, should be produced at any subsequent games in which the player participates.
  6. Should any player whilst being a regular member of a Warwickshire Basketball League Club, be, or become a student at a University or College where he/she may be selected to play in another Division of Warwickshire Basketball, they may apply to the League Secretary for permission to also play for their ‘parent’ club in that division.
  7. No player will be allowed to switch between teams in any cup, shield or other handicap competition without the express permission of the League or Competition Secretary in writing, and if applicable this must be produced at each game in which the player participates. It must be shown to the referees and opposition coach or team manager prior to competing.

Each application shall be judged on its merit at the time of the application, and any subsequent approval must be produced at any games following the approval in which the player wishes to participate.


Rule 6 – Court Details

  1. All playing courts shall be to EB approved dimensions.
  2. Teams in Division One must play on a full size court.
  3. All courts MUST conform to Health & Safety standards which allow players and officials to compete without undue risk.
  4. All League and Cup games shall be played between Monday and Friday evenings starting no earlier than 7pm or on Sundays no earlier than 6pm – unless authorised by the League Secretary.
  5. When booking courts, all clubs MUST allow sufficient time to complete a game including overtime where necessary

Rule 7 – Team Responsibilities

  1. Teams must register their main and alternate playing colours on their League application form.
  2. A team can only change its registered colours during the season with the prior approval of the League Secretary.
  3. Teams must wear uniform kit – i.e. matching colours for vests and shorts. T-shirts may not be worn under the team vest if it is visible.
  4. In the event of a colour clash, it is the responsibility of the HOME team to change.
  5. Home teams must provide suitable table equipment, to include TWO different sounding devices, TWO timing devices, visual minute indicator, approved/official triplicate scorebook, individual and team foul indicators and running score.

Rule 8 – Fixture Obligations

  1. All games must be played according to the latest schedule circulated by the League Secretary.
  2. Clubs will have 14 days from the posting of the draft fixture list in which to object to any specific dates.  This should be done/confirmed in writing, and the League Secretary will rearrange the game(s) in consultation with the clubs concerned.
  3. After 14 days a final fixture list will be published and circulated, and no further changes will be considered except in extenuating circumstances.
  4. Any club who has to postpone or rearrange a fixture after that date or during the course of the season (even with the consent of the League Secretary and their opponents) will incur a non-returnable fee of £10 per game provided that at least 7 days notice is given.  The postponing club’s secretary must confirm the postponement in writing to the League Secretary, the opponents and the match officials.
  5. If less than 7 days notice is given, there will be a non-returnable fee of £15.
  6. In the event of late cancellation – within 24 hours prior to the game or on the day of the game by either team, a fine of £25 will be imposed and that team may forfeit the game.
  7. If the visiting team fails to arrive by 15 minutes after the scheduled tip-off time, then the referee may award the game to the home team 20-0.  The home team should pay both officials and a claim sent with the scoresheet to the League Secretary within 5 days.
  8. If the home team fail to have 5 players ready to play within 15 minutes of the scheduled tip-off time, then the referee may award the game to the away team 20-0.  The away team should pay both officials and a claim sent to the League Secretary within 5 days.
  9. In the event that technical problems prevent the game from taking place or being completed, Rule 8f (above) shall apply.
  10. Should either team decide they cannot re-arrange any cancelled game, they shall be deemed to have defaulted the fixture. The game shall be awarded to the opposition 20-0 and the defaulting team shall forfeit any match points that may have accrued from the fixture. A fine of not less than £25 may also be levied against the offending team
  11. Should either team fail to have five players dressed and ready to play at the scheduled start time of any game, the team may be subject to a fine. The match officials are requested to inscribe the actual start time on the scoresheet along with any reason for a delay in commencing the game.
  12. In the event that an away fixture involving a junior club means that the junior club would have to travel in excess of 20 miles from their home court, the junior club may request that the game be played at their home court instead


      * If the home team cancel and the visiting team have travelled, then the latter may claim
travelling expenses from the League, based on mileage from their home court to the venue and return x 2 cars, which will be charged on to the home team.

* In the event of late cancellation or non-arrival of the visiting team, then the home team may claim 100% of the court hire cost from the League, which will be charged on to the away team together with any officials’ costs which may have been incurred.


Rule 9 – Results

  1. The home team must forward the white (top) copy of the scoresheet to the League Secretary or as otherwise directed to be received within 5 days of the game.  Failure to do so will incur a fine of £10.
  2. If the score sheet is not received within 28 days, the game may be awarded by default to the away team and points may be deducted from the home team at the discretion of the Executive Committee.
  3. The home team is also requested to e mail, text or telephone the result of the game to the League Secretary within 24 hours of the end of the game
  4. The match number must be written in the appropriate place at the top of the scoresheet. If for any reason the game does not take place, then the home team secretary must inform the League Secretary immediately by e-mail, text or telephone.

Rule 10 – Officials

  1. Clubs must provide two referees PER TEAM, one of whom must be qualified and one of whom must be either qualified or a WBA-approved non-graded official, and both of whom are registered club members and are available to officiate at least 2 games per month. Failure to do this may result in the team/club being fined £10 per official (NB:  This does not apply to teams made up predominantly of junior or cadet players, with no more than THREE senior members registered to play.)
  1. Officials shall receive their match fee and travelling expenses either before the game commences or at half time.  For season 2013-2014, fees are:Level 4 – £16,
    Level 3 – £15,
    Level 2
    – £13 and
    Level 1 and League-appointed or approved non-graded officials – £7.
    Travelling is reimbursed at 25p per mile up to a maximum of £7.50 per official.
    *If a referee officiates an entire game on their own they may charge 150% of the appropriate fee. 
    The aggregate cost of the match officials shall be divided equally between the two teams.
  1. Officials should travel together whenever possible.  It is reasonable to expect officials who live or are likely to pass within 5 miles of each other to travel in one car, unless the venue is so close as to make this impractical.
  2. All officials must confirm their appointments with the WBA Officiating Officer within 7 days of receiving them, either in writing or by a personal telephone call.
  3. In the event that the fixture is the victim of a late cancellation and the officials have travelled they should claim their full mileage and match fee from the home side and this will be re-claimed from the offending team by the league.
  4. The names of the match officials and their licence numbers must be written clearly on the scoresheet.
  5. Every team will be required to send at least one member on a refereeing course organised or approved by WBA each season.  However teams with at least 2 genuine registered members actively officiating in the Warwickshire League may be exempted at the discretion of the League Committee.  Application to be exempted must be made by the first day of the month in which the course is due to start.
  6. It is the responsibility of the home team to provide 2 competent table officials for every game, one of whom must be EB qualified.  They should be registered with the EB, and prepared to attend a Table Officiating course organised or approved by WBA if unqualified. Match officials will be requested to report on the scoresheet should TWO TABLE OFFICIALS not be in place at the start of the game. Failure to adhere to this Rule may result in a fine being levied against the offending club
  7. Warwickshire Basketball League suggested rates for paying table officials are: Level 1 £2.50, Level 2 £5.00
  8. Under no circumstances may anyone referee or table officiate, and play or coach in any part of the same game, otherwise the offending team may lose the game by default.
  9. If only one graded official arrives, the game must take place.  That official may appoint a suitable co-official if one is available.
  10. If no officials arrive, every effort should still be made to play the game, with two suitable referees acceptable to both teams.

Rule 11 – Protests & Appeals

  1. All matters of eligibility and interpretation of League rules shall be referred to the League Secretary.
  2. All protests and appeals must be submitted to the League Secretary within 5 days of their occurrence, and must be accompanied by a £10 fee. The Appeals Committee, elected at the AGM, will subsequently deal with the appeal.  In the event of an appeal against a player or coach suspension, that individual can continue to play/coach until the appeal is heard.
  3. No protest regarding the court or game equipment will be considered unless it is lodged with one of the match officials before the start of the game, AND written on the reverse of the top copy of the scoresheet and countersigned by one of the officials.
  4. If, during a game, a team considers its interests to have been harmed by an official’s decision, the team captain should sign the scoresheet “under protest” at the end of the game and before leaving the court.  A written report of the protest must then be sent to the League Secretary, together with a fee of £10, within 5 days of the game.  All or part of the fee may be returned, at the discretion of the Committee or Appeals Committee.

Rule 12 – Misconduct

  1. In the event of any player, coach, substitute or team follower being disqualified or expelled from a match, that person will receive an automatic two match ban. This ban will commence immediately. Match officials are required to submit a written report on the matter, either on the reverse of the white (top) copy of the scoresheet or in a separate letter or email to the League Secretary (a standard form for this submission is available on the Warwickshire Basketball League website).
  2. Each club or any individual may appeal against the suspension by the submission of written reports if they so choose, either by letter or email but not on the scoresheet.  All reports must be received by the League Secretary within 3 days of the incident.
  3. If a person is guilty of misconduct not involving disqualification (eg: post-game misconduct, or incidents involving persons not participating in the game), which the match officials consider to be of sufficient gravity to warrant consideration by the WBA, a report should be submitted by them within 24 hours to the League Secretary. This offence also invokes an immediate two match ban as per Rule 12a.
  4. After consideration of reports, the WBA will consider whether any additional suspensions will be applied.  The League Secretary will confirm any additional suspension in writing to the club secretary.  It is the responsibility of the club secretary to ensure that the correct period of suspension is served.
  5. At the end of the season, any suspensions which have not been completed in the season WILL be carried over until the start of the following season

Rule 13 – Fees Fines & Expenses

  1. All fines and charged expenses/costs as per these rules must be paid to the WBA Treasurer within 21 days of notification (cheques made payable to WBA).  If fines are not received within that period they may be doubled.
  2. Claims for expenses/costs by clubs or officials must be made in writing within 5 days of the event, otherwise any such claim may be considered invalid.
  3. Summary of fees/fines:
  4. Claimable expenses are detailed in rule 8.

* 2a – League Fee 2013-14:                                             £85 per team per season
* 2b – Late entry:                                                                   £10 per team
* 4a – Playing ineligible/unregistered player:                     £20 + forfeit game
* 4f – Registration numbers not on scoresheet:                 £5 per game
* 8d – Changes to fixture list after start of season:        £10 per game
* 8e – Postponement less than 7 days        :                       £15 per game
* 8f – Cancellation on day of game:                         £25 + may forfeit game
* 8j – Cancelled/defaulted game:                                        £25 + league points
* 9a – Late scoresheet after 5 days:                                    £10 (see also Rule 9b)
* 9b – No scoresheet after 28 days:                                   as 9a + penalty points
* 10a – Failure to fulfil club officiating duty:                         £10 fine on club per official

[NB: this includes referees provided and appointed as per Rule 10(a), whereby their club is responsible for them turning up or for finding a replacement]
* 11b, 11d Protests and Appeals:                                       £10 per issue
* Failure to attend WBA AGM or EGM:                              £25 per team
(d)  Other fines/penalties may be applied at the discretion of the committee.


Rule 14 – Obligations

  1. Participation in the League signifies acceptance of these regulations and an agreement to abide by them.
  2. Any change of club/team secretary, alternative contact, address, team colours, tip-off time, etc. must be notified in writing to the League Secretary as a matter of urgency.
  3. All clubs holding trophies are responsible for their safety, maintenance and return to the League by 31 March each year.  Should a trophy be lost or damaged whilst in the care or custody of a club, that club may be required to pay the cost of an equivalent replacement trophy.
  4. Trophies at all times remain the property of the WBA.

Rule 15 – League Special General Meetings

  1. A League Special General Meeting may be called at any time upon request of 25% of member clubs.  Notice is required in writing to the League Secretary.
  2. Such a meeting shall take place within 30 days of the request.  No matters other than those for which the meeting is called shall be discussed.

Voting shall be one vote per team by a show of hands unless a secret ballot is deemed necessary by the meeting.  A quorum shall be 80% of affiliated teams.  Any decision must have a 2:1 majority to be approved.  No person may have more than one vote.

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